Job Opportunity: Digital Evaluator

***Applications now closed***

Axis are looking to commission a Digital Evaluator to support evaluation of the Social ARTery our new interactive online exchange platform to facilitate remote collaboration and creative making. Conceived in response to the growth of community-centred art making and the current need for better digital solutions to support participatory work as a result of Covid-19, the platform aims to become an alternative to mainstream social media sites, to create and present participatory art innovatively, run workshops, host peer-to-peer meetups and archive the learnings for the benefit of the wider artistic community.

The role of Digital Evaluator will entail:

  • Working with Axis Social Producers (Head Librarian & Lead Artist) & Project Coordinator to develop evaluation strategy and facilitate reflection to inform learning
  • Artist Liaison: contacting and following up with artists commissioned and programmed on to the platform to gather feedback.
  • Developing content for and attending Feedback Forum in Jan 2021
  • Understanding intersection between digital technology, participation and new users.
  • Collating feedback notes of artists for reflexive evaluative purposes.
  • Being a spokesperson for Artery & SOAL in external settings, representing the platform fairly and ethically
  • Keep independent track of hours and work to agreed budget.
  • Knowledge of Axis policies, including Code of Conduct, Terms & Conditions, Safer
  • Spaces. Feedback on how these can be expanded or edited as needed through
  • commission learning.
  • Reporting and highlighting any issues and concerns to Axis core team.
  • Attending staff meetings and agreeing on work distribution
  • Understanding inclusion and diversity both in digital platform and in the larger network of the communities the artist represents and is working with and translating this into a reflexive evaluation model.
  • Collaborate with Axis team to develop evaluation and feedback strategies and modes of collection.


Social Artery
£1500, Jan 2020 > March 2021 (3 months)
Approx 2 days a month

January = 1 day

Team meetings = 0.5 days
Learning forum = 0.5 day

February= 4 days

Team meetings = 0.5 days
Data collection with Axis team & Pioneer participants = 1.5 day
Implementing evaluation strategy = 2 day

March = 5 days

Collating feedback from artists = 2 day
Feed into the inclusivity report - Artery = 1 day
Finalise evaluation = 2 days

For more information contact:
R.M. Sánchez-Camus
Social Producer, Axisweb
[email protected]