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What is the 1st Live Out Loud podcast about?  

The first conversation will be between Beth Davis-Hofbauer and Chantal Powell on the theme of 'Practice in Isolation'. Beth and Chantal are two artists who were recently featured in our Five2Watch which focused on artists whose experience of disability or chronic illness gives them expanded insight into making work in isolation.

Axisweb · Live Out Loud: Beth Davis-Hofbauer and Chantal Powell

Meet the artists involved: 

Beth Davis-Hofabuer 

Beth Davis-Hofbauer is an artist, curator, director of an arts organisation, festival director and gallerist.

Work In Progress April 2020

Work in Progress April, 2020

"My current practice is concerned with anxieties, it is informed by my experience of a severe anxiety disorder associated with long term physical illness and having a disabled child and those common anxieties experienced by others. Recurring themes include disgust, fear, disease, and othernes. It deals with the physical experience of anxiety, reflecting it and at times inducing it and also reducing it using sound, light, colour and vibration."

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Chantal Powell

Chantal Powell creates sculptural works about the unseen aspects of our psyche. A PhD in social psychology and an interest in Jungian theory inform her practice.

Chantal Powell Nostradamus

Nostradamus l, 2020

Curious about how we are influenced by our personal and collective unconscious, Powell embraces metaphors, myth and symbolic language in her making. She works intuitively and intellectually in order to identify archetypes and discern key associations from her objects.

Her use of symbolic processes and materials (such as sand casting, tin and gold), reflect her research into the alchemical process. Alchemy serves as a metaphorical representation for the process of transformation of the self that Jung called individuation – the goal being to re-establish connection between the conscious and unconscious.

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