Let’s stay connected

2020 has been a tumultuous and challenging year to say the least. The impact of the global pandemic on art and culture in particular has been profound, but both organisations and artists within the sector have shown great resilience in the face of adversity. For Axis this has been a time of reflection, not only about what we do as an organisation, but also what our position is within the wider art world.

A theme that keeps coming up in our conversations is one of connection: how can we facilitate connections, stimulate meaningful conversations and promote diverse and interesting artists and their work to a wider audience? As we enter the second lockdown of 2020, these thoughts and discussions are starting to crystallise

As we once again find ourselves shifting from physical spaces to online platforms, we are continuing to pilot our Social ARTery project - a collaborative networking platform for artists to share, connect and support each other.

The Social ARTery has the potential to be a hub that brings together artists, projects, communities, capturing and sharing learning, building stronger safer networks.

The space will be open, encourage diversity of influences and experiences to challenge and define, shape and develop. Instead of a return to competition for limited resources that inhibit artists, we explore the alternative, to be part of a larger body of evolving practice and learning.

The Social ARTery is currently in its testing phase and will be open to members soon.

Our Social Art Library (SOAL) project - in partnership with Social Art Network - is delighted to announce its first 12 Social Art Library Ambassadors. These are: Jennifer Booth, Wendy Charlton, Sarah Dixon, Nathan Frost, Gabriella Gay, Anna Horton-Cremin, Emma Long, Kaajal Modi, Sara Qaed, Studio Polpo, John Wild and Carmen Wong.

The SOAL Ambassadors will be working with the Social Art Library over the coming weeks to think through innovative ways of documenting and archiving social practice, beginning with projects created in response to the complex and tumultuous events of 2020.

The Social Art Library is open to submissions from all social artists—and those they work with—to help make the stories of social practice more visible. If you would like to share your work, please check out our FAQs here and fill in the online form here

You can follow Social Art Library on Twitter at @Social_Art_Lib

The SOAL Ambassadors programme is presented with support from Art Fund. 

Our Artist of the Month for November is Darren Neave, a self-described ‘sculptor of sorts’ whose practice explores the methodologies of display and presentation of objects.

“The work does sail close to the wind. I understand the fine line and that quotidian objects can be ‘charged’, perhaps juxtaposed with another item or displayed in a particular way. Objects can be ‘embellished’, ‘enhanced’ or ‘aureated’.”

Supporting our Members during the second lockdown is also at the forefront of our activities. We’ll be offering subscription breaks for those that need it and also promoting their activities on our website and through social media.

We also have a growing list of resources, tips and advice we think might be beneficial to people during lockdown. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please get in touch.

As many of our Members switch their focus to web-based activities, it’s good to know the £10 million Public and Product Liability insurance that comes with our Network Associate membership also covers digital and online projects.

After a successful pilot with Swansea College of Art and Manchester School of Art, we’re pleased to announce the next phase of our Graduate Programme with Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) Fine Art graduates. We understand that students can feel overwhelmed and even underprepared for life after University, that’s why we’ve created a 13 week programme to focus on supporting their journey post-graduation. They will also have the opportunity to work collaboratively through the Social ARTery and receive mentoring and advice from invited artists and art professionals. 

The Axis Digital Residency is still open for applications and seeks to support artists who require additional resources and support to develop and disseminate new work over a three month period. We are looking for artists working in any medium, not just digital, but who are interested in sharing their residency experiences with our online community, and who are ready to shine a critical spotlight onto their work and practice.

Successful applicants will receive £1,500, a bespoke package of support, critical engagement from a writer, use of our digital platforms, as well as opportunities to engage with our content and members.

The deadline for applications is 10am, 16 November 2020.



Artist of the Month - Darren Neave

Our Artist of the Month for November 2020 is sculptor Darren Neave


SOAL Ambassadors announced

We are delighted to announce the first twelve Social Art Library Ambassadors


Digital Residency 2021

We are proud to announce our Digital Residency 2021.


Network Associate membership increase in cover

The PPL insurance cover that comes with our Network Associate membership has been inceased to £10 million.



For #Five2Watch this week we've selected five artists who have used casting as a technique within their work: Russell Jakubowski, Chris Dunseath, Mike Gent, Jim Brown and Henny Burnett.



New Art Highlights of the week includes: Mandy Payne, Colin Anthony Graham, Jim lockey & Karen Logan.


Live Out Loud - Conversations with Artists

A collection of conversations with artists and creative practioners about specific topics. Published every week on our website, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple, Google and Stitcher. 


Help and Advice

We've created a list of links to resources and advice for artists and freelancers during the coronavirus pandemic.