We are extremely excited to announce ‘AXIS ALL AREAS’ our digital symposium of online events for artists in November.

To help you get to know our new Community Platform better, in November we are hosting an exclusive month-long celebration of the Axis community, all taking place on the new Community platform.

With a calendar of 20+ activities including artist talks, film screenings, masterclasses and mentoring sessions, you can sign up for any or all of the events FREE of charge with your Axis membership.

We also have a series of events available for non-members, as well as our members.

For the third film on ur series 'What do Axis artists do all day?' we talk to Diana Ali.

Diana is a Nottingham-based artist, curator, lecturer, mentor and TV presenter! Diana originally trained as a painter but has since moved into making films, using vintage found footage in the form of 8mm video recordings which she then creates ‘fictional narratives’ from. Her studio is also her home and she loves the convenience of being able to live and create in the same space. Diana is probably best known as a mentor on BBC’s ‘Big Painting Challenge’.

Phygital commissioned artist José García Oliva for the project 'How May I Serve You?. The opening and performance are on the 26th of November from 10 am to 8 pm at SET Kensington. Book your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-may-i-serve-you-tickets-453239560727

‘How May I Serve You?’ aims to reveal the experiences of those individuals hidden behind calls and online chats. The exhibition recreates a live-chat platform as a space to facilitate dialogues about working conditions, automation, online identities, and outsourcing systems in collaboration with three call centre agents based in Pakistan, outsourced by UK companies.

For #Five2Watch this week we've selected five artists who have made work surrounding notions of intimacy, featuring: Tamsin Morse, Fay Ballard, Pak Keung Wan, Alexandra March and Marcelle Hanselaar

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Stephen Anthony Davids, Paul R Jones, Caryl Beach and Jan Lee Johnson



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