In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of animation videos.

Vincent James, Paper Trail, 2017

An animation made at the Cable Factory, Helsinki during my residency for Art Fair Suomi in May 2017.
Sound by Sam McLoughlin.

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David Theobald, X-Ray Aesthetics , 2017

A collaborative work with x-ray photographer Nick Veasey.

Description: Computer animation of flowering plants rendered from original digital x-ray images created in a university research laboratory. Each subject was rotated through 360 degrees and the resulting x-rays were then processed, combined and digitally interpolated to create a seamless temporal loop.

Usually such facilities are used in the pursuit of purely objective goals. However, when permitted, such technology also has the capacity to stretch our senses and, perhaps, enables us to make new connections with the world.

As the work is created from thousands of individual images created at different times, duration within the work effectively has meaning in terms of the spacial position of the putative observer.

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Chris Dunseath, Corrosive Beauty, 2015

An animated film influenced by the changes that occur when bronze age artefacts are buried in the ground. This four minute stop motion animation took two days to film. It was first screened at the exhibition 'New Dimensions: Contemporary Art Inspired by Hidden Objects' at The Museum of Somerset from 16th January to 16th April 2016.

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Saranjit Birdi, 'Portland Works Inside Out' - video animation wall projection Commission, 2016

Client: Portland Works, Sheffield
Event: 'Portland Works Inside Out' event 23rd-24th September 2016 as part of the ‘Festival of Mind’.
The animation portrays the history, current use and rejuvination of of the grade II listed building, which was the first place in the world to produce stainless steel cutlery.

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