In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos by our our members with a theme of architecture.

Lauren Healey, Embedded Architecture, 2011

This piece was made during part 1 of 'Response: A Rural / Urban Conversation', an exchange project taking place between VARC (Visual Artists in Rural Communities) and NewBridge Project. Artists from NewBridge spent 3 days at High Green making work in response to the rural location.

A dark room was set up in an old coal shed, which was used to process a series of pin-hole photographs of architectural details which seemed embedded in their surroundings. Sometimes this was because the buildings were old and weathered, in other cases this was due to the growth of moss, lichen and weeds growing on window frames and around door ways.

The piece was presented as a looped DVD, projected against the old stone wall in the interior of the coal shed used as the dark room.

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Claire Hope, Complex Financial Instruments, 2008

In this two part work - a single screen video and a live performance with video monitor - a private business meeting is heard (as a video soundtrack) or witnessed between two men in as a performance. The meeting is to discuss the construction of a fantasy landmark building. Visual material in both videos shows built and architectural sites across the North of England in different states.

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Gemma Riggs, Step, 2013

Step is a film work that has been made in collaboration with Irish Choreographer Laura Murphy. The film grew out of a series of research residencies in European cities that sparked interdisciplinary working. 

Step was filmed in the grounds of Ceauçescu’s Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania and uses the stark marble of the controversial building to frame the moving body. 

It has been screened at the Whitstable Biennial 2014 and Coastal Currents Festival 2013, Tipperary Dance Platform 2013, Zagare Fringe Festival (Lithuania) and was part of Unfold, an exhibition at Cork Film Centre.

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Victoria Lucas, After, 2013-2014

Captured before the doors to Castle Market were closed to the public, the 20 minute film studies the condemned brutalist building as if the lens were dutifully studying a photograph. The empty modernist shell that was once Sheffield’s vibrant market hall is the subject of failed utopia.

After has been screened in Castle Market, Sheffield as part of the residency closing event; in Casa Maauad gallery in Mexico City as part of the Deadpan Exchange VIII exhibition; in Vapaan Taiteen Tila gallery in Helsinki as part of the Flis Holland and Victoria Lucas exhibition; and at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield as part of the This is Our City screening, organised by the University of Sheffield Arts and Humanities Department.

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