In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos by our our members that feature colour.

Beth Davis-Hofbauer, A Moment's Peace, 2017

A Moment’s Peace is best watched through blue-red anaglyph glasses. It uses layers, colours, sound and playing with time to explore the paradoxical nature of hoping for a moment’s peace but then spending that time, when it happens, thinking about what work you should be doing instead. This is achieved through creating a cacophony of typewriter sounds interspersed with zombie groans. 

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James Irwin, RGB InstaLapse, 2014

RGB InstaWorks are a series of moving image works exploring RGB colour space through the veneer of overlaid Instagram filters.

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Riccardo Iacono, Missing, 2007

Missing, DV colour stereo, 3:50 min, © Riccardo Iacono 2007,

'Missing' is a performance video made by throwing objects in urban space. It's concerns are with the formal relationships of colour, texture and shape; the correspondences of eye and camera motion; and how physical and psychological disturbances and irregularities are filtered, amplified and suppressed. Repetitive throwing is used as a coping mechanism, a way of negotiating time, space and memory and testing the boundaries between imaginary and real-world order.

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Marilyn Rathbone, Equivalent IX, 2010-11

'Equivalent IX' consists of nine sets of nine counters, each set a different colour. Laid out in different configurations, its mass remains the same. It is an homage, and at a tangent, to Carl Andre's 'Equivalent VIII'. Andre's work champions bricks (a material with which he was familiar as his grandfather was a bricklayer) mine celebrates buttons (my grandmother sewed buttons onto cards for a local haberdashery to help pay the bills). 

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