In this week's Playlist we have a selection of videos that feature people wearing costumes.

Holly Slingsby, PROPS FOR THE SKY, 2012

PROPS FOR THE SKY, 2012. A performance taking place over three days at SHIFT., London.
I take on the guise of a series of gods and mythical characters, using improvised costumes and props. As the performance progresses, these deities make and remake themselves, producing a series of hybrids – gods with vanity problems, gender confusion and split personalities. The setting is an artist’s studio, providing the means for these protagonists to create new attributes and appearances for themselves, as well as referencing the idea of the studio as a pseudo-sacred space, where something miraculous or alchemical can take place.

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Anna Flemming, Future Neo-Goth, 2015

Future Neo-Goth uses the idea of revival and contemporary culture’s tendency to adopt and appropriate past styles, manipulating them to form a modern manifestation of these aesthetics. The video is set in the future, where gothic architecture, music and literature (from various points in history) are undergoing another revival. A number of scenes including; a rock that morphs into a black cat (from 'The Black Cat' by Edgar Allan Poe), a vaulted ceiling kaleidoscope (from St Mary Aldermary, London; the Gothic church designed by Christopher Wren) and a Neo-Gothic character that dances in a Gothic-inspired costume (referencing the ‘Triadisches Ballet’); accompanied by modern gothic-trance music, resulting in a strange and fragmented take on gothic culture.

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Emily Speed, The Construction Workers, 2013

HD Film, 6m30s projected and exhibited with handmade costumes, printed handerkerchiefs and wooden structures, commissioned by Wirksworth Festival.

Alongside the tradition of Morris dancing as a ritual and symbolic act, ‘The Construction Workers’ takes inspiration from the tacit structures that exist within small communities and the delicate balance required to keep things working harmoniously and consistently. Made with the generous help of the ladies from the ‘Ripley Green Garters’ Morris group.

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Claire de Lune, Perfect Orbit, 2016

Perfect Orbit (1:17) (web version) Looped. 2015

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