In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos by our our members that feature dancing.

Alison J Carr, The Artist, Scene Five or Dancing in Front of Artwork by Dale Holmes, 2012

Performance, Dancing, Studio

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Jo Dennis, Dancing in Peckham , 2014

A film capturing intimate moments with the people of Peckham. It shows the humour and awkwardness of dancing alone in an incongruous space and the emotions that shift from embarrassment and self consciousness to exuberance and joy...and back again.

There is a duality at play as we focus on the narrative of the individuals featured while the vibrancy, texture and colour found within the aesthetic of Peckham’s retail environments offer an historical snapshot of a moment in time in a constantly evolving part of the city.

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Victoria Malcolm, Ballet Class Dance for All South Africa, 2010-15

A still from an hour-long video in a single take of an intensive dance class in a rural area in the Western Cape Province, for children raised on remote farms.

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Gemma Riggs, Step, 2013

Step is a film work that has been made in collaboration with Irish Choreographer Laura Murphy. The film grew out of a series of research residencies in European cities that sparked interdisciplinary working.

Step was filmed in the grounds of Ceauçescu’s Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania and uses the stark marble of the controversial building to frame the moving body.

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