In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members which feature drawings.

Lesley Halliwell, Dot to Dot, 2015

Video and Live drawing performance.
Chalk and blackboard paint (2015).
Dimensions variable.

Inspired by the chalk drawings of South Indian Hindu women whose geometric structures and patterns are constructed around a matrix of dots.

The logic of the kolem is revealed through its construction and reconstruction yet, unlike the swift and confident movements of the Indian women the artist's hand is hesitant; the chalk squeaks and scrape , mistakes are made and hesitations are shared with the viewer.

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Joseph Ismail, trace, drawing, walking (after Hamish Fulton & Richard Long), 2010

Using the fingers as a drawing tool to work directly onto the object, the piece seeks to de-materialise the art object, through the removal of a 'observational' representation. the use of video merges both act and work (static) and bares witness to the actual performance of making

re-interpreting the 'walking art' of Hamish Fulton and Richard Long, the boot itself, now static, but once active, becomes the landscape in which to walk/draw. the fingers trace and feel the surface, and are then finally removed, leaving a transformed object and an mental imprint of the drawing in the viewers mind

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Julieann Worrall Hood, Inflatable Drawing, 2011

3m x 3m x 3m inflated cube with graphite drawing of trees on the interior.

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Mik Godley, Theo No.3, 2011


iPad portrait drawing from life, app Brushes (original), 30 October 2011

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