Holly Slingsby selects


In this week's playslist February Artist of the Month Holly Slingsby selects three works from our site and archive. 

The Construction Workers, 2013, Emily Speed


HD Film, 6m30s projected and exhibited with handmade costumes, printed handerkerchiefs and wooden structures, commissioned by Wirksworth Festival.

Alongside the tradition of Morris dancing as a ritual and symbolic act, ‘The Construction Workers’ takes inspiration from the tacit structures that exist within small communities and the delicate balance required to keep things working harmoniously and consistently. Made with the generous help of the ladies from the ‘Ripley Green Garters’ Morris group.

 Yo! Saturnalia!, 2013, Megan Broadmeadow


Photo animation/ sculpture

Whatever Happened to Mary, 2013, Amelia Beavis Harrison

Whatever Happened to Mary is a performance and subsequent film which uses the figure of the crying Madonna in Catholic denominations to actively question religious phenomena. Here the religious icon is replaced by a performer whose tears of blood run in a public space. The gesture of removing the statue out of context attempts to raise questions about the legitimacy of the phenomena, at one point fracturing the situation and in another moment play to it, exploring a different side of the story where the tears are evidently faked and the moment displaced.

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