Holly Slingsby


In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos by our Artist of the Month for February Holly Slingsby

The High Places, 2016

This is the first in a series of new video works by Holly Slingsby, where the artist performs in sacred or psuedo-sacred places in an attempt to activate their latent spiritual energies. This work was made in the ruins of three churches in Romney Marshes, and focuses on a priestess character who tries - with various objects and actions - to call these places of worship back to life. Her accoutrements recall the prophetess Miriam, the figure of Justice and the holy virgin Vesta, amongst others. As well as trying to reinvigorate the locations themselves, the work imagines it can channel the ancestral power of these divine women.

This work was commissioned by Kunst Vardo and supported by Arts Council England.


PROPS FOR THE SKY, 2012. A performance taking place over three days at SHIFT., London.

I take on the guise of a series of gods and mythical characters, using improvised costumes and props. As the performance progresses, these deities make and remake themselves, producing a series of hybrids – gods with vanity problems, gender confusion and split personalities. The setting is an artist’s studio, providing the means for these protagonists to create new attributes and appearances for themselves, as well as referencing the idea of the studio as a pseudo-sacred space, where something miraculous or alchemical can take place.

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