In this week's Playlist we have a selection of videos with an immersive element.

Julieann Worrall Hood, Inside the inflatable drawing, 2011

A view inside the 3m x 3m x 3m inflatable drawing. Please click on the video.

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Sam Spreckley, Surface ii, 2012

Ongoing visual/sonic research into notions of surface and immersive sound and the relationship between.

8mm, HD Telecine


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Tim Shaw, 'Mother, the Air is Blue, the Air is Dangerous', 2014 - 2015

The installation recounts an early life experience of sitting in a restaurant in Belfast when a firebomb explodes on the floor below creating pandemonium.
Chairs, tables, old clothes and shoes are scattered across the floor of a fabricated space. Slow moving shadows of people running are cast upon walls, dinner trays revolve through the air filled with haze, and the intense sound of many sirens radiate out from the corners of the room.

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Jamie Gledhill, Noisescapes, 2012

An installation, Noisescapes depicts an abstract, line-drawn landscape that constantly permutates in response to shifts in timbre of the accompanying soundscape. The effect is mesmerising and evocative, particularly when experienced at large scale. 

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