In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos by our our members which document or form part of an installation.

brook and black, Composing Space, 2015

An exhibition for the Gjethuset gallery, Denmark - May 2015.
This exhibition is devised in collaboration with artists Christina Deuland and Natasha Rydvald.

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Jay Rechsteiner, heritage, 2015

A sculptural installation consisting of two abandoned & unfinished wooden sculptures on a flatscreen TV, screening 'The process of making art', a film by me about my father, the artist Franzueli Rechsteiner who passed away in 2015.

Everything we do, own and know is inherited, passed down from previous generations, endlessly processing the past in the present for the future, hence everything is collaborative effort. I believe that work needs to be passed on to future generation in order to continue to exist as work.

Wooden sculptures & land art by Franzueli Rechsteiner

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Helen Robertson, somewhere between these two moments, 2016

Installation mock up - the uprights of wood would be cast in red wax and white plaster respectively. The sculptural objects on the floor are paired - each object has been cast in red wax and white plaster. The element depicts a performance with some of the objects.

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Joseph Cotgrave, youre a child you laa, 2015

Participating in the residency titled 'The beauty of... A creative space' at St.Helens. An experiential installation of colour, play, sound and kinetic values to create a space in which navigation of site-specific art is key. 

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