In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos by our our members that feature an interior, room or other type of space.

Eva Bosch, Catalhöyük 2007 - POEMS, 2007-08

Sun clock used insight interiors in Catalhöyük, Turkey, 9000 years ago.

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Ian Henderson, Within, 2012-13

This short video piece is an exploration. It attempts to evoke something that resembles an interior view; a suggestion of what it might look like to close ones’ eyes but still keep looking. So close and intimate, a range of visual phenomena are ever present should we draw our attention towards them. They are often overlooked in preference of the glamour and distractions of the external. These internal occurrences are viewed on a screen – a highly decorative screen - located somewhere between sight and consciousness.

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Lauren Healey, Embedded Architecture 2011

This piece was made during part 1 of 'Response: A Rural / Urban Conversation', an exchange project taking place between VARC (Visual Artists in Rural Communities) and NewBridge Project. Artists from NewBridge spent 3 days at High Green making work in response to the rural location.

A dark room was set up in an old coal shed, which was used to process a series of pin-hole photographs of architectural details which seemed embedded in their surroundings. Sometimes this was because the buildings were old and weathered, in other cases this was due to the growth of moss, lichen and weeds growing on window frames and around door ways.

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Joanna Greenhill, Drawing Near, 2011-12

Vimeo password: glasgow

Description : The camera slowly advances from the road and field gate towards a ruined cattle hut. The soundtrack is composed of the ambient sound of the nearby road behind the camera, combined with the sound of the camera operator’s passage across the terrain. The camera continues to advance slowly towards the hut until it reaches what was once a window and is now a raw opening. The camera reveals the dark interior of the hut. The interior, although initially dark, is illuminated by a window of sunlight reflected from another source. The cameras focuses on the patch of sunlight. The film ends.

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