In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that feature interventions.

Gail Howard, Deep Place, 2017

Site responsive collaboration with Helen Clifford for 76m2 in Pontypool looking at ritual and custom in contemporary life in the South Wales valleys.
May 2017

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Claire Weetman, Watermark: An intervention in four directions, 2012

Using the paving stones of a pedestrianised square in Istanbul as a canvas, Watermark follows prominent lines of passage across the space, linking ferry, bus and taxi terminals at the edge of the Bosphorus with the Besiktas area of the city.

Each paving stone along four criss-crossing trajectories was painted with an evaporating trace of water, creating a line that documents both the presence of the artist creating the intervention and the transient movement of people through the space. The work, whilst aiming to trace natural routes of travel through the space, actually causes that flow to be disrupted - often in a playful way - as the audience alter their course, pausing, looking back or skipping across the transient obstruction.

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Helen Robertson, ways from here to there, 2015

Collaborative exhibition with Mary Maclean, Rochelle Fry, Helen Robertson
My contribution consisted of an architectural intervention, a video work, a book and a digital animation.

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Riccardo Iacono, Missing, 2007

Missing, DV colour stereo, 3:50 min, © Riccardo Iacono 2007,

'Missing' is a performance video made by throwing objects in urban space. It's concerns are with the formal relationships of colour, texture and shape; the correspondences of eye and camera motion; and how physical and psychological disturbances and irregularities are filtered, amplified and suppressed. Repetitive throwing is used as a coping mechanism, a way of negotiating time, space and memory and testing the boundaries between imaginary and real-world order.

The video was shot on the pedestrian underpass at Elephant and Castle, and produced during an Animate Projects residency at London College of Communication.

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