In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that feature landscapes.

Helen Robertson, Landscape with snake and trees, 2012-13

Here there is an interplay between a projected video loop of a woman walking naked in a bluebell wood, a reproduction of Poussin's Man Killed by a Snake (printed in black and white onto silk), a green net curtain and a suspended projector bound up in string. The video loop is projected upside down suggesting another reality. The hanging silk and curtain create a space for the viewer to move between as if to mimic the movement of the woman walking in and out of trees, here in an interior architectural space. The string is at once expressive as well as functional. The work plays with notions of Arcadia, sexual freedom/innocence and threat.

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Laura O'Connor, Women in Landscape, 2012-14

Two women sit in a Landscape, one is brushing her hair the other is contemplating.

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Andrew Brooks, Field Studies - Odin’s Gully, 20.10.2015 7.50am - By Andrew Brooks & Simon Connor, 2016

This film is from a collaborative project by visual artist Andrew Brooks and sound artist Simon Connor. This investigation into new forms of landscape documentation, gives audiences the opportunity and time to reflect upon the fine details and patterns of nature. 

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Clara S Rueprich, Awakening, 2010

Awakening is shot on a landscape in a southern country at dawn. The light changes and surprisingly the view becomes less clear, the noise of the birds is almost deafening and moreover you hear horse steps, cars... . Gunfire follows, and the sounds become dense, the film has a threatening feel which is furthered by the following scene without coming to a resolution.

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