In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that feature light.

David Theobald, Night Light, 2016

Video games and blockbuster movies, constantly use computer animation to depict death, usually through some spectacular demise. I was interested in using the same technology to explore death from a different perspective.

While recently visiting a graveyard I noticed that many of the graves, especially those in the children's section, had solar powered night lights. This made me speculate about who these lights might be for.

This is the credited and titled film version. A continuous loop version for use in dedicated installations is available here:

3D modelling and rendering in Blender, animation and editing in Premiere. Original Format: 1920x1080, 16:9, 25fps, 2 channel sound.
Production Date 2016

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Rosie Kearton, Night Lights, 2008

Filmed at night in Stockholm.

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Gillian Hobson, memento Mori (reprise) (still), 2011

Memento Mori (reprise), 2011, (Still).
Single channel moving image piece taken from a moving image work exploring time and duration, explored through the diurnal rhythms of light. This work, and its' companion, Memento Mori, responds to ideas of dwelling surrounding Heideggers 'Fourfold'.

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Susan Williams, Firewall, 2014

A site-responsive installation made during the Arreciado residency,
Spain. Flag tape was fitted into the squares of a fence, beside the dirt track leading to the farmhouse, imitating road reflectors. The squares of tape flip up in the wind catching and reflecting the sunlight which appears as bright flashes across the work. When lifted horizontal the squares seem to disappear then re-emerge from the landscape giving a mystical presence to the work. Light behind the work gives the orange tape a hot glow like burning coals. At times on fire, wild, dematerializing and reappearing, at times gently twinkling, a light show, electrified, at times oscillating like buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies. The work also has strong links to the virtual world, messages, transmitters, cellular frequencies, fading in and out, guardians of a kind, a firewall.

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