In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos by our our members which are all designed to be looped when played back.

Claire de Lune, Perfect Orbit, 2016

Perfect Orbit (1 min 17 secs) (web version) Looped. 2015

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Katrina Sheena Smyth, Residue, 2016

Performance to camera video loop, 3 mins.

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Matt James Smith, Paper Lanterns, 2002 - 2003

Hand-made lanterns floated out on the Sound of Sleat in NW Scotland, then collected by canoe. Looped video piece.

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Laura Jane Cooper, Obstacle, 2012

A woman appears in an anonymous futuristic urban space she is dressed in work wear. A video shows her waking in a line over that proves quite difficult as there is a obstacle underfoot she has to negotiate. The mystery object that she attempts to walk over remains out of view at ground level. Her attempts at the task are endless as the video is a continuous loop.

This piece is part of a larger Installation of drawing, sculptural elements and video called Upstanding London. Wear several performers carry out performative tasks in alone and in groups in public space.

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