In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that deal with history and memories.

Lyndsay Martin, Conversation 669, 2016

Video Installation Conversation 669 documents the symbiotic relationship between emotional repression and the passage of time. Escapism and fantasy clash with the the drudgery and domestic minutiae of a life less lived. Old family photo albums form the backdrop to this dialogue, their histories made hazy and indistinct, blurry and emotionally negated. Figures wistfully search for what might have been and fight small battles with the every-day, longing for a clearer existence. 

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Ian Henderson, Fragile Memory, 2012

This is a short video work that collages images culled from a variety of sources in an attempt to suggest that dream-like flow of images on the fringes of memory.

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David Green, Life on Mars, 2017

Life on Mars is about the fragility.

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Jorge Lizalde, Home Memories, 2010-2014

Home Memories are a series of still images taken while my family house was emptied 5 years ago.

Their exposure time was prolonged, a slow motion created thanks to the moving image capture technology. Leaving the space to describe, via subtitles, the rapid memories that I had at the fraction of a second that the shutter was open, something a single still image would not have delivered.

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