In this week's Playlist we have a selection of videos featuring music.

Emma Ainsley, The Jazz Suit, 2014-17

The Jazz Suit continues my collaboration with musician John Phillips. John's out and about in his jazz suit. Getting in touch and zoning out (all at once). Below you'll find video and photographic documentation of happenings in Orkney, and Edinburgh.

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Philip Larry, HOW COME IT, 2014

HOW COME IT brings together artist and Northumbria University MFA student Phil Larry, with rockabilly trio, The Doggone Daddys for a one-off live event. Phil Larry interrogates the structure and format of both exhibition and gig, culminating in a standoff between artist as performer and art in situ – spontaneity and the premeditated.

American roots music, particularly rock and roll, is celebrated as playing an imperative part in the birth of the rebellious teenager during the 1950’s. Critics coined the term rockabilly – literally, meaning rock and roll played by hillbillies – to describe the intense, rhythm driven musical style. Who better to play us out than a band of misfits hailing from the mountains of Middlesbrough?

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Estelle Woolley, Robert James Maclese and Oscar South, Tonewood, 2013

Live performance / video documentation & relics

Crossing boundaries between Fine Art, Performance and Music; Tonewood.

A collaboration between Estelle Woolley, Robert James Maclese and Oscar South, this site specific performance is set in the woodland for Above and Below.

The artists pooled together their varied expertise to develop this unusual spectacle. Using the woodland floor up to the heights of the trees, we hear the experimental saw sounds eerily echo, bouncing within the forest confines and reacting to its inhabitants. Below our artists, in concert performance attire playing their saws with string bows, lurks a man in orange with violin in hand. The subversive act of sawing at the tree soon becomes an act of blind destruction, adding to this uncanny soundscape echoing through the woodland. The sombre saws cry out for their shattered tonewood, mere fragments offered up and returned to their forest floor.

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Benjamin Arthur Owen, Night Racing, 2011

Night Racing - July 2011 -

‘…a piece by Ben Owen featuring Matthew Lovett. The duo played out a call-and-response musical performance in different rooms of the building.’

Words courtesy of G39as part of ¿AreWeNotDrawnOnwardToNewEra?

Matthew is the g and 9 combined.

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