In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos by our our members on the theme of nature.

Paul Farmer, This One Is About Nature, 2011

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Veronique Maria, Vanita, 2007-14

Video of and still images from Vanita.

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Sophie Bullock, Overturn, 2014

'Overturn' is a simple video work filming a spinning mirror in the forest.
This piece illustrates my ongoing interest with film and dream, and being inside and outside simultaneously. In a broad sense, I am interested in how people can be in one space physically and another space psychologically, essentially existing in two worlds at once.

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Charli Clark, Walrus Territorial Tusk Fighting, 2011

Walrus's are creatures of great strength and power, we know this because we can watch them on a television screen or read about them in a book or online. Although we may be seemingly aware of the animal kingdom, our experience of it and how we understand it is distanced and stalled by the circumstances we live in. This work attempts to connect us with sights and scenes that regularly play out in nature, that are rarely seen by people in the flesh. 

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