Paul Gittins


In this week's Playlist we feature a selection of videos from Axis member Paul Gittins. Paul works with different light sources which are projected through screens and translucent surfaces to create colourful, abstract patterns.

Mosaics in Motion, 2017

Film made about Paul's practice by Canvas, an Arts Council England funded project that works with arts organisations to create digital content and engage audiences.

Acid Shadows, 2017

Performance film made by Canvas featuring some of Paul's work.

Traffic, Brierley Hill, 2011-2012

traffic was filmed and then projected through a screen of papar cubes and then filmed again

Music soundtrack was played by; Leo Field, Vivian Jones and Ernie Chattaway

Yomo video cube screen, 2007

Image from surveillance camera is projected through a screen of paper cubes.

Paul Gittin's profile on Axisweb >