In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members which feature people and the human figure.

James Paddock, Thanks!, 2016

A conceptual video installation video by James Paddock about the unappreciated. 

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Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Caress, 2016

Video short produced for More Issues Than Vogue, a group video project curated by Marta Maleck, exploring the theme 'gender fluidity'.

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Julie Mecoli, Turner Contemporary Open video, 2009

Clip of video made by Turner Contemporary of artists selected for Turner Contemporary Open 2009.

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Claire Hope, Contact, 2016

In 'Contact' female actors and students explore affectionate gestures of attachment. Beginning by touching hands with hands, in a way that draws on depictions of closeness in cinema, the women’s interactions become increasingly creative as ‘Contact’ aims to depict, and imaginatively extend, the kind of bodily inventiveness often witnessed between attached people. Conversations with the actors about their experiences of performing attachment, and of making ‘contact’ with other actors in film and theatre productions, overlay or disrupt the footage of their interactions with the students. ‘Contact’ creates a dialogue between the representation of close relationships in visual culture and the political potential of reframing creativity between attached people as forms of collaboration and agency.

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