In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by contemporary artists which feature performances.

Evgenia Emets, Black Friday performance, 2016

Despite Words: Telharmonium Mk.IV is the first in a new series of experimental poetry evenings brought to you By Other Means

I have contributed with an improvised performance piece Black Friday. Picked an Evening Standard newspaper on the way to the gallery and I delivered a participatory performance, where audience became a vocal reflective instrument of its own.

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Amelia Beavis-Harrison, A Tragedy: Re-Written, 2015-2017

The video and related performance brings together two points of reference, the story of a Romani family working in Oslo and the 1913 play Vladimir Mayakovsky A Tragedy. The tragedy running through Mayakovskys play is self-referential and held in a specific moment in time, producing physicalized emotions in the forms of ‘great big tears’ and ‘kisses that grow’. This raw emotion is relayed in the stories told by the Roma family who over the course of one year shared their experiences of living in Norway and Romania. The work ultimately explores the tragedy of discrimination and its emotional impact today as bodies fall through the screen metaphorically embodying emotion as the performers’ bodies spell fractured words.

The performance version of the work is made for cinematic viewing with a live sound track which includes a spoken script and live cello, it is 20 minutes long.

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Laura Cooper, Divine Intervention, 2013

Public Installation/ Performance, documentation in Single Channel Video | 2013 (7mins)

This video shows documentation of a intervention and installation in Ridley Road market in collaboration with clothing stall holders. The markets green striped fabric was repainted in gold shimmering stripes and then documented throughout a working day.

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Liz Sergeant, Tied, 2016

A durational performance created for the Whitstable Biennale Satellite programme and performed by members of XAP ( 'Tied' considers interdependancies; between women and their environment, the elements, each other and their work. The sea-green fishing net is intricately and expertly woven, together with the story of their lives, and cast, in hope, onto the water.

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