Photography and place


In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that deal with photography and place.

Juno Doran, Bolton, 2014

Soundscape with images portraying the town of Bolton in the northwest of England.

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Claire Manning, Place, 2015-2016

This work uses film to create collages about the liminal, barren, non-space of the train journey, our relationship to it and how this can shift as a result of making art. It exploits the points where the technology of the camera fails, unable to frame a shot or keep things correctly in perspective. The final film offers fragments of different places - dislocated moments trapped in time - one event interrupting or haunting another, constructing a vision of a world poised between beauty and dystopia.

It has resulted in a short 6 minute film and a series of prints.

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David Theobald, Walking Holiday in Grindelwald, 2012

Synopsis: Experience the sights, sounds and smells of an invigorating vacation in Switzerland.This is a titled and credited version for use in screenings. The work can also be shown as an installation with a continuous loop version displayed on a vertically mounted flat screen propped up against a wall.

1920x1080 HD Digital animation of rendered objects and scanned images.

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Simon Taylor, Bristol to Bath - 11.15pm, 2012

Photographic still Image from Bristol to Bath projection. Part of my ephemeral studies.

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