In this week's Playlist we have a selection of videos that have an element of repetition.

Joseph Ismail, repetition compulsion (transformation) ((after 'Semiotics of the Kitchen', Rosler)), 2010

Although not a feminist work, like the title would suggest, it is, nevertheless concerned with a relocation of work and process into domesticity, and seeks to question and subvert notions of labour and production. using food as an artists' material the repetition compulsion transforms a solid into a liquid and obsessively extends beyond the point of practicality and enters into the realm of allegory.

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Alexander Small, Slow Clap (Scorn 1), 2011

Slow Clap (Scorn 1) works with the idea of repetition and the absurd, to applaud the viewer for watching the piece becomes the audience and the audience the performer. To slow clap is a critical act of disdain but the nature of this slow clap has an immensity of its own.

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Christopher Hall, Colleague #1, 2006

Based on a discarded workplace training video, the loop replays continuously, losing information on each cycle. The repetition and shift between video formats slowly degrades the image; the worker is trapped by the screen; condemned to repeat the same menial task over and over again in perpetuity. Finally the image breaks down into its component parts leaving only residual noise and abstraction.

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Eldi Dundee, 'It's all been done before...' (dress rehearsal), 2009

Tutors at Byam Shaw had been commenting all along on the performative aspects of much of Eldi's work, and yet she had been resisting incorporating straightforward performance on her art course for some undefined reason, despite training as an actor many years prior.

This performance came to Eldi's mind fully formed when in that liminal space between wake and sleep one night. The set, the props, the actions were all there; all that was needed was to show up and perform it. Notes were taken, a proposal written, and a play-dough making recipe sourced...

The title says it all, doesn't it? "It's all been done before..."

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