In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that were created during an artist's residency.

Eleanor MacFarlane, Covert Artist in Residence, 2015

During May, June and July 2015 I have been working as a covert artist in residence at the V&A.

This was a self-directed, unfunded project, devised after completing my MA in fine art.

I used the V&A as my studio, my place to think, write, research, study and to make work.

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Diane Roberts, Yellow Bus Residency, 2014

Yellow Bus Residency, Covert Artist in Residence, 2015

The artist Diane Roberts has been creating miniature installations as a part of her Residence for Yellow Buses.

The miniature people are modelled on model railway figures the characters are then meticulously hand painted and set out as family groups or lone figures.
These installations are left for bus passengers to discover .
Hoping it will bring a smile and a positive emotion to passengers as they enjoy there journey.

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David Morgan-Davies, Mothership residency, 2016-17

My ideas leading up to my Mothership residency were based around Daylight Saving Time and the ‘loss’ of an hour on October 30th. I had some pretty firm ideas of what I wanted to do. I was interested in what happened during this lost hour, and thinking about work that was time based rather than site-specific.

Once at the Mothership my ideas evolved as I decided to follow a more relaxed approach, an approach that allowed an element of play. In the end the three pieces of work I started and continue to make are pretty dark, heavily centered on Autumn, exploring the feeling of losing the light and thinking about the darker side of things!

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Vincent James, Playback, 2015

An animation made during my Exploring PAPER Residency in the summer of 2015 at PAPER in Manchester. Sound by Sam Mcloughlin.

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