In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that have a theme of science.

Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Aura, 2012

Digital moving image artwork to commemorate the 2012 Alan Turing centenary. 'Aura' explores the development of the electromechanical machine to the modern age of computer technology through the creative use of Kirlian imaging. High voltage electricity applied to a variety of computer components (including a wire wound resistor, broken valve, dekatron and micro chip) produces visible electric energy fields.

By stripping the notion of the 'computer' down to single components, the work attempts to reveal its internal workings and life force. Capturing the interaction between electricity and technology exposes the physical energy and power of electricity as a natural phenomena controlled and utlised by man.

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Henny Burnett, Oxygen, 2011

Elements – Arsenic, Iodine, Oxygen and Mercury.

The pieces in this multimedia installation represent the four elements and their uses in lighting. Candles burning oxygen are filmed with the rising heat vapours captured in shadow. This piece can also be produced as a live performance/installation as well as a projected film or screened video.

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Alix Poscharsky, Time IV, 2009

Time runs faster in your head than in your feet.

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Megan Broadmeadow, A Corruption of Mass, 2016

Solo exhibition of work following Mark Tanner Sculpture Award holder 2015-16
Standpoint Gallery

Drawing influence from the puzzling nature of the chemical element Bismuth, Megan Broadmeadow's exhibition is a visual and physical exploration of its complex fractal character, and its somehow overlooked placement in cultural history.
Taking as her starting point for the exhibition an obscure lecture by Linda Moulton Howe on the discovery of a controversial bismuth/magnesium layered metal, claimed as unknown to conventional science, Megan built a complex and disorienting series of sculptural installations and video projections, mirroring the potential for otherworldliness that this complex element exudes.

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