Socially engaged


In this week's Playlist we have a selection of videos about socially engaged practice.

Liz Sergeant, Speaking of Charlotte, 2012

'Speaking of Charlotte' is one of a series of works inspired by activist, suffragist and social reformer, Charlotte Despard (1844-1939), who began campaigning in her fifties and continued until her death aged 95, despite being imprisoned in Holloway twice in her sixties. Her inspiring and optimistic message - that age doesn't matter, that it's never too late to make a difference - is communicated through performative scenarios which draw upon historical references to activism made relevant for today: the campaign leaflet, the bill poster, the marching banner and the rallying speech. 

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Julian Claxton, Horiscodisco, 2017

Installation and Performance at Horiscodisco, held in Gloucestershire in July 2017 to celebrate the life of Chris Fordwoh, with David Blandy, Kim Fordwoh, Helen Grant and John Russell.

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Gregory Hayman, Dog, 2017

This video artwork is a response to the migrant crisis and the death of the three-year-old Syrian boy Alan Kurdi. It takes as its starting point an artwork, as is usual with my work, and explores synergies between the artwork and events.

The artwork I chose is Goya’s Dog, or El Perro or Perro Semihundido. It is one of Goya’s so-called ‘Black Paintings’. It is an intensely moving painting where the dog is given almost human like expression in the way it looks up tragically pleading for help.

I usually spend a huge amount of time researching each artwork, and this one is no exception. But, whereas the research usually results in an artwork, in this case the research is the artwork.

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Deborah Burnstone, Flux, 2017

Flux (2017) charts the rise and fall of the tide on the River Thames from Putney to Battersea from daybreak to nightfall and features the voices of local people. It portrays a river that is endlessly changing and currently undergoing massive redevelopment as new high-rise luxury apartments are built along both of its banks. It was made for the Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2017.

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