In this week's Playlist we have a selection of videos on the theme of 'space'.

Paul McConnachie, Space in-between, 2013-14

An exploration into what Michel Foucault describes as the space in-between, of other spaces and Heterotopia. This video highlights my interest in surveillance and our reaction to it. It was while walking around the Art college in Liverpool when all the students had gone home that the atmosphere of the building had changed from a loud bustling hive of creativity to one of silence.

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Katie Goodwin, A Space Odyssey Omit, 2011

The animation '2011: A Space Odyssey Omit' is made from a single film frame gleaned from the 'cutting room floor' of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film '2001: A Space Odyssey'. The frame was destined to be used as a special effects shot in the Stargate sequence but never made it into the final film. Kubrick usually destroyed all unused footage from his films but this one frame survived and so this artist's rendition gives a glimpse to what was and could have been.

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Helen Robertson, 'leaning from the earth towards space', 2016

Mixed media installation - Raum Gallery Camberwell College of Arts 2016
Video with sound 7minute loop - projection size 75cm across, wall paint.
The work sets up interplay between the arms stretching upwards in the video and the rectangular clerestory window above.

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Veronique Maria, Making Space: Rituals in Fabrica, 2013

Video of and still images from Making Space: Rituals in Fabrica

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