The Uncanny


In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by contemporary artists which consider the idea of the Uncanny.

Liam Jolly, what cannot be said we must pass over in silence, 2015

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Clara S Rueprich, Wolf Piece, 2016

White wolves emerge as part of a dream-like landscape at dawn. As the wolves move between branches and foliage a sense of bewilderment and bottomlessness prevails. The wolves' movements defy a clear spatial perception.

There are striking parallels to Sigmund Freud's famous case, the Wolf-Man, based on a nightmare a Russian aristocrat dreamed more than a hundred years ago: 'I realised in deep terror that some white wolves were sitting on the big walnut tree in front of the window.'

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Steve Messam, Waterfall, 2016

The three principle waterfalls of the River Tees - Cauldron Snout, High Force and Low Force - were filmed at high frame rates to investigate the individual character of water of each falls. Each of the three barns up the side of the dale, was wrapped with the footage projected on all four sides. each barn wrapped in a different waterfall. The piece also considered the individual character of the barns as well as the wider landscape. The experience of walking through the landscape in the dark was very much part of the piece.

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Julie Mecoli, Perspectives on the Unknown, 2015

Perspectives on the Unknown is a short documentary film that investigates a scientific discovery known as dark matter and dark energy, which fills up over 95% of the Universe and yet remains as the unknown. The film tries to present different perspectives on this invisible matter by questioning how scientists deal with this mysterious matter, and how artists interpret this unknown. 

The film features two artists, Alison Gill and Julie Mecoli, with a physics academic, Dr. Chamkaur Ghag from department Physics and Astronomy at the University College London.

This project is a collaborative project with Soomi Park, Roger Stabbins and Thomas Deacon.

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