In this week's Playlist we have a selection of videos with an urban theme.

Laura Onions, Urban Scrape, 2016

Video projection on sheer fabric.

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Jamie Gledhill, Zeitspiel, 2013

Zeitspiel is a short experimental film that explores the relationship between time and space in an urban environment. The film makes me think of lonliness (especially in a crowd), sensory disruption/confusion and yet somehow there is a sense of comfort or perhaps it’s just acceptance.

The piece consists of a series of time lapse sequences shot on a trip to London one cold December day. Each sequence is a product of real time manipulation of the video image. Some sequences link video behaviour to properties of the sound track. In effect, individual video scenes were ‘performed’ and these were then edited together with minimal post-production. Although the outcome in this instance is a linear video, the material and composition technique could equally be used to create a performance or even an interactive installation.

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Lauren Healey, Embedded Architecture, 2011

This piece was made during part 1 of 'Response: A Rural / Urban Conversation', an exchange project taking place between VARC (Visual Artists in Rural Communities) and NewBridge Project. Artists from NewBridge spent 3 days at High Green making work in response to the rural location. 

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Riccardo Iacono, Missing, 2007

Missing - RICCARDO IACONO 2007 from riccardo iacono on Vimeo.

Missing, DV colour stereo, 3:50 min, © Riccardo Iacono 2007,

'Missing' is a performance video made by throwing objects in urban space. It's concerns are with the formal relationships of colour, texture and shape; the correspondences of eye and camera motion; and how physical and psychological disturbances and irregularities are filtered, amplified and suppressed. Repetitive throwing is used as a coping mechanism, a way of negotiating time, space and memory and testing the boundaries between imaginary and real-world order.

The video was shot on the pedestrian underpass at Elephant and Castle, and produced during an Animate Projects residency at London College of Communication.

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