In this week's Playlist we have a selection of videos that feature the human voice.

Clara S Rueprich, intro, 2015

Voice: Christiane Hommelsheim

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Ian Henderson, A Westray Poem, 2013

Short film prepared as submission to the filmpoem festival in Dunbar, Scotland. The film features the voice of John Glenday, the author of the poem, narrating. This film was selected to be screened at the Festival alongside other artist's films examining the same subject matter.

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Gregory Hayman, The Lecture as Palimpsest, 2015

This film work is based on Blunt’s Guernica lecture (published as a book in 1969) and his1979 post-exposure press statement. For the sound I recorded a retired academic with suitable Blunt-like voice, albeit not quite as aristocratic and Edwardian as Blunt’s own. The images are from Picasso’s painting of Guernica put under a microscope. 

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Laura Cooper, Color Poem [For Hyesou's Herd], 2015

Color Poem [For Hyesou's Herd]
HD Video on Flat Screen TV & Felt Sculpture | (4mins) 2015

This Color Poem is part of a larger project and installation made up of charts, video and sculpture called Nomadic Glow. Nomadic Glow attempts to record—in a
deliberately limited, schematic fashion—the elaborate naming system that Mongolian nomadic herdsman use to identify each individual horse in their herd, which is based on their nuanced perception of horse coat colors.

When visiting the Mongolian Steppe, I brought with me a range of industrial paint color chips and invited Hyesou—a local nomadic herdsman—to match the
horses in his herd through this limited selection of paint colors. The poem is the result of his selections. The voice in the video has been auto-tuned and restricted to a color scale where color tone corresponds to musical tone.

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