Appropriating Cinema


In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that appropriate cinema.

Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert, Troglodyte, 2016

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Claire Hope, Stacy's Risk, 2013

In the video a female interlocutor speaks to and about the central character in, and analyses the narrative and themes of ‘Stacy’s Knights’, a 1983 feature film about a female gambler. This film becomes the context for an interwoven discussion of shyness, gambling, financial speculation and the representation and experience of women.

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Victoria Lucas, Women on Horses, 2015

Women on Horses comprises found footage, extracted from westerns that have been filmed in the Alabama Hills. Each woman has been ‘rescued’ from their aggressive male pursuers through the editing process, and by ‘freeing’ them they ride through the landscape alone and on their own terms.

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Saskia Takens-Milne, Untitled, 2011

Video montage. Footage from Vertigo, Hitchcock (1958) © Universal Studios

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