In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that feature a conversation.

Jo Ray, Untitled (Conversation), 2015

From a series of experimental works exploring 'Model-ness'.
Performance to camera in which my hands are reflected in the glass of a monitor.

The monitor is displaying footage from an interview I made with an Architectural Technology specialist, in which he explained his use of physical models in an area which now primarily relies on digital simulations.

My hands are inexpertly carving a turnip into a dome shape.

Brunelleschi reportedly carved into turnips or wax in order to demonstrate particular complexities of constructions to the craftsmen constructing his designs for the dome in Florence.

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Bettina Furnee, Allman Strength Roots, 2011

Time-lapse film showing a set of water barometers responding to a change in atmospheric pressure in The Bahamas, with voice recording of a conversation with Crispin Dillet, Nassau

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Katy Beinart, Brixton Conversations, 2015

10 Brixtonites meet each other for a conversation about home, belonging and what heritage means to Brixton past and present. The 5 conversations reveal different perceptions of place, and the personal and communal connections they have found through living in Brixton. Reflecting through each other, the conversationalists often find common ground even through very different experiences of coming to Brixton.

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Lyndsay Martin, Conversation 669, 2016

Video Installation Conversation 669 documents the symbiotic relationship between emotional repression and the passage of time. Escapism and fantasy clash with the drudgery and domestic minutiae of a life less lived. Old family photo albums form the backdrop to this dialogue, their histories made hazy and indistinct, blurry and emotionally negated. Figures wistfully search for what might have been and fight small battles with the every-day, longing for a clearer existence.

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