In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos on the theme of death. These have been guest-selected by Claire Rongying Duan who's currently undertaking a Postgraduate Work Placement at Axisweb.

Liam Jolly, Death of the Author, 2014


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Andrew Rafferty, Death, 2011

'Death' is one of fourteen large scale photographic works taken from the exhibition 'Passion'. For the 2010 exhibition in the crypt of St Pancras Church this video was created to echo the last moments of a life - being overwhelmed/overtaken (water), the struggle to draw breath, and the moment the spirit leaves. 'Passion' is a modern interpretation of the Passion of Christ. Uniquely, all the works are self portraits using a variety of photographic techniques including making a 2 metre negative onto photographic cloth for his own interpretation of the 'Shroud'. In another unusual work Rafferty has imprinted his face, skin to cloth, directly for his own version of 'Vero Icon' or 'True image'. Reviews of his 2010 exhibition can be found in the press links section on the CV page.

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Flisan Beard, Cancer treatment, 2017

New social project about terminal illness and social stigma around death and dying. In a society that promotes anti-ageing and immortality, projections of judgment, persecution, shame, fear, isolation and loneliness are internalised. A cancer patient expresses through a metaphorical language in drawings how societal dictates, influence feelings around living with dying. My animation film clips are responding to the patient’s stories and his drawings.

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Gordon and Mary, Death of Actaeon, 2011


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