Degree show


In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that have been included in degree shows.

Kirstin Bicker, MA Degree Show, 2016


Using three looped films of my throat, I positioned the TVs to almost surround the audience, as guttural sounds and gasps could be heard between the black cuts in playback. The framing imagery and small snippets of familiarity created something Christof Migone referred to as the ‘bottleneck of distraction’. The elusive nature of the satisfaction that comes from fully understanding a work, creates in the audience the driving force needed of them to listen harder, look closer, and question ‘why?

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Fritha Jenkins, Ablation, 2016


Video 3.52 min Shown in installation Ablation at Ruskin MFA degree show 2016

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James Winnett, Uamh Nam Bo Dubha / The Cave of the Black Cow / Old Tobermory's Cave, 2012


Video exhibited at the MFA Degree Show 2012, The Glue Factory, Glasgow School of Art.

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Claire de Lune, I am the moon. You are the moon., 2012


(00.56) Split Screen, Looped. 2012

A person holds a silver reflector to mimic the full moon above their head.

Exhibited in Intermedia Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show, and You Blink At the Plughole, Mexico Project Space, Leeds.

Understanding through imitation.

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