In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our members that have a theme of 'environment'. These have been guest-selected by Claire Rongying Duan who's currently undertaking a Postgraduate Work Placement at Axisweb.

Louise Winter, Reeds, 2018

Goldtapped Gallery, The Newbridge Project, Newcastle

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James Paddock, Blinds + Film, 2017

"The 'Blinds' video installation is about the human condition and the boundaries or 'Shells' we form in life. Looking at the realities within the analogue and digital age, cultural/social network groupings and the urge to protect our habitats or environment/environments." The human habitat at concern here is the over-development of Southern England where James lives. One of the few remaining footpaths where James walked daily saw development to one side in 2017. 

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Julieann Worrall Hood, Lines of Desire, 2015-16

An interdisciplinary creative education research project at Bath Spa University, co-devised and led by Julieann Worrall Hood, Dr Rebecca Schaaf and Professor Owain Jones. This collaborative project involved art, geography, creative media and film students, the artists Richard Long, Sue Lawty and Richard White and the Arnolfini gallery Bristol, responding to the multi layered experience of place through digital multi media mapping, walking and land art practices. 

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Elizabeth Wewiora, Allotment Diaries and Environmental Hubs, 2011-13

Environmental Hubs was a 2 year residency programme 2011-12, working across various allotment and urban gardening sites across the UK, supported by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England. The project looked to explore the hidden social and political infrastructure of allotment sites and the nuances of the communities which make up these microcosms of society. 

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