In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos that feature installations. These have been guest-selected by Claire Rongying Duan who's currently undertaking a Postgraduate Work Placement at Axisweb.

James Irwin, In through the nose, out through the mouth, 2018

2 channel video installation (Each channel 1080p), extruded aluminum construction system, strobe light, stereo audio.

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Paul McConnachie, Street Trader, 2012-13

As an artist working in a big city it is evident my inspiration comes from what is around me. It was while walking and listening I overheard the the street traders trying to get business from the passers by. I then got talking and a project ensued from my interviews, video diaries and getting to know the history of street trading in Liverpool.

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Lexi Strauss, The Twelve Apostles as Babies (installation), 2014

Still image from The Twelve Apostles as Babies, an Installation which was created within an enclosed, dimly lit, theatrical environment.

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James Paddock, Shells Installation, documentation film and essay, 2017

The 'Shells' exhibition, with the 'Blinds' and 'Nets' installations by James Paddock 

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