In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos that feature interviews.

Lexi Strauss, Verbatim Performances, 2014

Interviews are performed word for word, breath for breath using recordings and headphones. I'm currently developing this verbatim technique with School of Life philosopher Roman Krznaric for his online empathy museum and also for use as a tool within conflict resolution and for bullying.

Beryl. 2014

You Don't Think About These Things, Do You? 2014

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Susie Hamilton, Interview by Carole Jahme in my studio, 2014

Guardian journalist and author Carole Jahme interviewed me to coincide with the exhibition of my work at Paul Stolper Gallery.

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Amelia Beavis-Harrison, SOS, 2017

In 2016 SOS Rasisme, the Norwegian branch of the global activist organisation, was taken to court accused of fraud. The case was brought to trial after a series of articles were published in the newspaper Dagbladet and subsequent evidence was handed to local politicians, by the newspaper. Dagbladet accused the organisation of wrongfully gaining access to government funding and diverting funds to support Communism.

This film centres around an interview with one of the members of SOS Rasisme that was taken to court.The interview brings to light the story of the accused and its distinct differences to that of the newspaper. During the interview accusations against Dagbladet are posed including the stealing of documents and supporting an anti-Communist agenda.

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Axisweb, What is art for? 2015

A series of interviews with the former Director of mima and Turner Prize judge Alistair Hudson.

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