In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that have a liminal theme.

Stacey Guthrie, Videos, 2012-2014


The videos and installations are my attempt to create a liminal playful space for my characters to reside in that is both real and unreal, creating a tension, which makes for a sense of peril and fecundity; an ultimately creative space where belief can be suspended and magic can happen.

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Tony Humbleyard, walking the spaces, 2017


A collaboration with dancer/choreographer Kathryn spence

The process
The initial sculptures, projection and performance will act as framework, that will be added to/ developed and informed by a series of workshops. Where the participants will be encouraged to explore the initial work by engaging in the process itself walking/dancing and sculpting found objects. This work will be incorporated into the ongoing exhibitions and performances. It is
envisaged that this will happen in peripheral communities, utilizing community halls, outdoor locations and other social spaces. The dancer/sculptor will become the facilitators of an experiential artwork that mutates as it travels to different communities /locations.
We would like like to run a series of workshops/performances/exhibitions on the three northern isles Unst/Yell/Fetlar in 2018.
We will be hosting an open event as part of a week residency at the Sumburghhead complex in January 2018.

'At the edge we are caught in the liminal space, the tension between what has gone before and what is to be"

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Emily West, Liminal, 2012


The video is projected on a continuous loop.

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Claire Manning, Place, 2015-2016


This work uses film to create collages about the liminal, barren, non-space of the train journey, our relationship to it and how this can shift as a result of making art. It exploits the points where the technology of the camera fails, unable to frame a shot or keep things correctly in perspective. The final film offers fragments of different places - dislocated moments trapped in time - one event interrupting or haunting another, constructing a vision of a world poised between beauty and dystopia.

It has resulted in a short 6 minute film and a series of prints.

View a short extract from the film here and find out more about the project.

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