In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos on the theme of migration. These have been guest-selected by Claire Rongying Duan who's currently undertaking a Postgraduate Work Placement at Axisweb.

Claire Weetman, Displaced Persons 2014

Projected stop motion video and resulting ink on paper drawing 


'Displaced Persons’ is based on research into migration from and within Syria since 2011. Civil War and unrest has caused 9 million people* to be displaced from their home either to safer regions within the country or as refugees beyond Syria's borders. Expressive hand gestures, layers of projection and animated fingerprints and rubber stamps are combined in this work to express the human forces that cause people to leave their homes, and how temporary communities are created in refugee camps which offer protection for the displaced.

*UN estimate 2014

This work was supported by Arts Council Grants for the Arts, Halton Borough Council and Castlefield Gallery's New Art Spaces

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Diane Roberts, The Dark Matters, 2017

"The Dark Matters" highlights the issue of light pollution.

The Dark Matters' attempts to draw attention to the issue of light pollution which impacts on bird migration and contributes to global warming.

This digital response is the Result of an Artist collaboration , Miriam Troth and Diane Roberts we call ourselves the 'The Sea Girls' .

The location is a seaside resort, out of season.
A beach hut provided an improvised studio where we could experiment. We, The Sea Girls, were inspired by the rich imagery seen along the shoreline which acted as a stage set.

We used various props, backlighting, shadows and the natural sounds of the sea.
We discussed early Hitchcock films: The Lodger, Gaslight.

Twilight falls in the late afternoon. Excessively bright artificial lights gradually illuminate the promenade responding to the falling light levels thus reducing the ability to view stars in the night sky.

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Daniel Trivedy, Newsbeat, 2015

The sound of a human heartbeat (60 bpm) juxtaposed with statistics, graphs, infographics relating to migrant sea crossings.

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Duncan Pickstock, DIG, 2012

DIG looks at the contentious issue of migration through the lense of a archeo-entertainment show in which an enthusiastic Tony-Robinson figure examines and analyses artifacts with the help of an archeologist.

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