In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos that feature music. These have been guest-selected by Claire Rongying Duan who's currently undertaking a Postgraduate Work Placement at Axisweb.

Emma Ainsley, Harmonious Place, 2017

This project forms a part of my collaborative practice with musician John Phillips. With this new project we are developing some audio-visual works for people with dementia. We will be taking a co-creation approach to making this work, creating the work alongside people with dementia. We want to meld art and music to make video soundscapes that create positive energies in the space where they're presented. We both have many years experience working in care home settings and it's older people's shared living spaces that we've had in mind as we develop this work. We want these videos to be a tool for helping carers to support service users in finding a harmonious place – both in the shared home and within themselves. The videos presented here are sketchbook pieces that John and I are playing with, to explore possibilities; finished pieces will be made through co-creation and we will be working alongside three groups of people with dementia over the coming year.

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Paul Gittins, Oak Apple Orchestra, 2014-16

A selection of self playing instruments; oak apples on clock motors create rhythmic music battery powered 1.5v

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Judith Alder, In Praise of Renewal, 2016

In Praise of Renewal juxtaposes footage of high-tech biomedical facilities with a church interior and the sound of a heart monitor fading into a stirring choral performance. The hymn sung by the choir, originally written by Charles Wesley, has been re-worded to form a hymn in praise of science and technology.

The video was shown in an installation reminiscent of a small chapel with a hymn sheet accompanying the installation

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Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Julius, 2012-13

Concept, Script and Artistic Direction by Jacek Ludwig Scarso

Direction of Filmography by Savage Mills
Original Score by Ivan Hussey performed by Celloman
Design by Nadia Malik
Dramaturgical support by Rishi Trikha
Film, Edit and VFX by Savage Mills
With Adam Kirkham, Chiara D’Anna, Nicolas Simeha, Maya Sapone, Joachim Ciocca

Julius explores a coming of age story of intrusive thoughts and compulsive rituals. As an adolescent boy in a rural town learns about the life, times and many lovers of the emperor Caesar, he begins to experience recurring mental images and odd behavioural patterns. Supported by Wellcome Trust and Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Julius was launched at GV Art Gallery and premiered at Spitalfiellds Music Festival, before an international tour. The project was researched in collaboration with experts from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Bethlem Museum.

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