In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our our members that explore notions of time within their work.

Carly Seller, Drift, 2016

Drift draws attention to the quiet and often unnoticed energy within the landscape. Observing the un-choreographed rhythms of the wind and the sea through two static frames, events occur in front of the camera. The depth of field and focal range set by the camera lens attempt to direct vision and attention whilst calling into question our perception of time.

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Alix Poscharsky, Time IV, 2009

This is the fourth video that explores the relativity of time. It is about the fact, that time runs faster in your head, than in your feet.

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Joseph Ismail, After John Latham (skoob), 2012

“Latham's attitude to books was ambivalent: simultaneously, he attacked and preserved them.”

John A.Walker: John Latham, The Incidental Person, Middlesex University Press, 1995

the linear temporality of 'reading' is negated and transferred into the non-linear temporality of 'looking', whereby the 'object as a whole' can be negotiated. whereas permanence and fixity was challenged to an extreme in the Skoob Tower Ceremonies, (stacks of books which were burned) here, the repetitious sheets stacked up on each other, precisely become permanent, solid and fixed (through photography), and return the paper to its origin

please note; this work exists as a photograph, NOT a sculpture

the video coupled with the photograph is analogous but represents the ideas in a time-based medium, where the temporal making process is exposed in real time, it is thus the reverse of the photograph; a paradoxical statement of 'deny' and 'acknowledge'. the piece is contextualised within Latham's own film work, (although they are very different) as well as his use of encyclopedias and dictionaries

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Cartiona Leahy, Reverberation, 2011

The idea of Temporal Dissonance, of the coexistence of the static and dynamic image, is explored throughout my work. Still, but constantly moving, the vacant, frozen shot emphasises and perhaps exaggerates the redundancy of the space today. In a performance of re-enactment through sound against the still but moving image, reveals the residues, reverberations, echoes and vestiges of the past. The crows bobbing in conversation, the sound and the viewer’s imagination become the main protagonists and the agents, which activate the history of this otherwise inactive space.

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