In this month's Playlist we present a selection of videos that explore light. Featuring: Alix Poscharsky, Susan Williams MRBS, Robert Luzar and Riccardo Iacono.


Alix Poscharsky, As we all know... 2006.


Director of Photography: John Adderley

This film is a six hour time-lapse sun track, shot around sunset. With the sun locked in the middle, the earth appears to moving from left to right across the frame (or around the sun). Referencing science fiction, this film is about the discrepancy of scientific world view and the everyday life. We know the earth is moving round the sun, but viewed from earth the sun appears to be moving round the earth. This film poses the question whether knowing (or 'seeing') is not just another form of believing, as, ultimately, what is shown in the film, is merely earth's rotations.


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Susan Williams MRBS, Striptease video, 2011-2012.


Strips of sellotape hang from the ceiling to the floor. The tape moves in air currents in the room and the reflective surface catches flashes of light. Sparks, movements, rhythms and harmonies appear as the work moves creating a display. Both the nakedness/bareness of the work and the sleazy setting contribute to the title.


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Robert Luzar, A-lighting Steps Balls and Chords, 2015.


Video, stereo/colour, 00:18:00.


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Riccardo Iacono, Letters III, 2003.


A revised edition of Letters (2000) continuing Iacono's exploration of visual language through a manipulation of film material and structure. Made using the techniques direct painting on film, photography, editing and reticulation.


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