Social Works?: Live


In a special Playlist we present a selection of films that were shown at Social Works?: Live on 26 April 2019.

Featuring films by Jody Wood, Axisweb and Take A Part.

Jody Wood, Beauty in Transition, 2013-16


Beauty in Transition is an art project consisting of a mobile beauty salon serving the homeless with free haircare. Providing beauty services including a hair wash, cut, color and/ or style service to willing participants, the project aims to unravel the reductive label of homeless. More information:

Project created by Jody Wood. Director of Photography: Nicola Benizzi.

Jody Wood, Choreographing Care, 2016-18


Choreographing Care is a socially engaged art project led by artist Jody Wood.

PROJECT STATEMENT: For staff at homeless shelters, self-care is not a luxury, it's a matter of survival. Unfortunately many care workers are conditioned to put their own needs last, and poverty support agencies typically do not have resources to prioritize them. A fundamental component of Choreographing Care is to integrate secondary trauma processing and self-care into homeless shelter systems as a paid part of the work day. By reorganizing institutional priorities according to care ethics, the project considers processing and de-stigmatizing secondary trauma as integral to the labor of care in a care-valuing society.

Choreographing Care takes the form of an exploratory workshop series using methods rooted in theater, nonverbal communication, and somatic theory to facilitate connection and healing among staff. These activities can have profound transformative effects in increasingly bureaucratic care institutions that typically overlook sensory and corporeal experiences.

Video by Basic Cable Digital Storytelling

Axisweb, Alistair Hudson: What is Art For? Part One, 2015


As part of our 'Beyond the Gallery' programme we interviewed the Director of mima and Turner Prize judge Alistair Hudson. In part one, Alistair talks about the use value of art and poses the questions: What is the function of art in the 21st century and what role should it play in people's lives?

Axisweb, Lisa Selby / Bluebaglife - 'Bang Up', 2019


Lisa Selby talks about her exhibition 'Bang Up' at OUTPOST Gallery in Norwich. Central to this exhibition is an intimate film, a love story, focusing on her relationship with Elliot - who is currently serving time in prison and recovering from heroin addiction.

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Take A Part, The Art Orbit, 2011


The Art Orbit documents communities learning about and engaging with contemporary art in the build up to British Art Show 7.

Take A Part, Green Orchestra, 2015


Musically inspired project in response to Philharmonia Orchestra’s iOrchestra project.  Taking place over May/June the project worked with a range of sound artists and the Philharmonia orchestra to explore sounds and noises created via natural objects, vegetables and fruit.  The project aims to explore sound in a new way and highlight healthy eating and cooking processes at the same time.

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