Line and Space


In this month's Playlist we present a selection of videos that explore Line and Space. Featuring: James Steventon, Tom Pearman, Patrick Lowry and Jeannie Driver.

James Steventon, 100 Up, 2014.


The “Hundred Up” is an exercise invented by WG George, the fastest miler of 19th century, which consists of a drill to perfect running form.

The drill consists of either walking or running on the spot, over a fixed series of parallel lines marked on the floor. Alternating legs are raised by bringing one knee to the height of the hip, bringing the foot back down again to its original position, touching the line lightly with the ball of the foot, before repeating with the other leg.

The exercise should be repeated, maintaining perfect form, 100 times.

As the drill is practiced, proprioception (the awareness of the relative position of the body in space and the strength of effort being employed in the movement) is improved over a surface area of approximately 1 square metre.

One’s own body can be considered as a sculpture in the round.

The variation in attempting to maintain perfect form over 100 repetitions, by translating my own body as a series of data points is manipulated in three dimensional space via the experimental RGBD film making process.

An ongoing piece of research, initially presented at OMM - One Metre Measured, at NN Contemporary Art.


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Tom Pearman and Anne Krinsky, BRUNEL MUSEUM - PROJECTED INSTALLATION, 2017.


A collaborative installation of light projected imagery for the Thames Tunnel Shaft of the Brunel Museum by Tom Pearman & Anne Krinsky, as part of Tide Line Thames.

The installation merges Pearman's animations of faux tunneling forms, inspired by Brunel's Tunnel and Tunnel Shaft and Krinsky's video footage of the river and its architecture.

Pearman comments, "My work often investigates faux three-dimensional form, while at the same time exposing the physical processes involved in making it. My ‘engineered' projected forms in the Tunnel Shaft combined with Anne’s video explore the juncture of what can be discovered above and below the Thames."

The project is part of the Totally Thames Festival 2017 which ran through the duration of September 2017.

AUDIO: (with special thanks) A collaborative piece of music in response to ‘TIDE LINE THAMES’ by Tim Palmer's music students from Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and students from the University of Greenwich, Performed at the Thames Tunnel Shaft of the Brunel Museum, 20th September 2017.


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Patrick Lowry and Yesul Kim, Drive-in, 2016.


This work was developed in collaboration with artist Yesul Kim.

It represents the floor plans of all the public art galleries in Seoul, South Korea presented as a projection similar to the laser light shows found in the night clubs around the area close to the gallery that was hosting the Drive-in project.
Drive-In has emerged from discussions about the impact that our economy has on the way we do/we work/we live, how it can condition our actions and work. Added to this was the complexity of finding its own rhythm, the good pace, and do coexist it with crossed or imposed other rhythms. Further, how to adjust reality and work while keeping the energy and the desire not to restrict and be free?


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Jeannie Driver and Anna Cady, Lifting the Drawing off the Page: Black Lines, 2017.


A stop frame and video work made in collaboration with Anna Cady during my residency at Aspex Gallery, July/ August 2017.


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