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Five2Watch: Transform

Inspired by our artist in the community, Elly Clarke, and their work transforming archives, we've selected five artists whose work engages with themes of transformation, featuring: Victoria Rance, Helena Eflerova, Robert Foster-Jones, Chris Dunseath and Cliff Crawford

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Tabard, 2012

Victoria Rance

The sculpture to wear series creates a sheltering skin that protects or alters the sense of self in a difficult world. The sculptures have elements of ceremonial architecture and costume, both contemporary and historic. Physically they test the tension between protective constraint and freedom of movement. Tabard was made after watching porcupines raise their quills in self defence. For me the character evoked is that of a battle weary old soldier, the kind with long thick hairs sprouting from his eyebrows, experienced in battle and ready to defend himself and country, but tired and scarred.

Made of jute, wax and palm stalks with shop dummy.

Victoria Rance


Helena Eflerova

A survey based show featuring a retrospective collection of artworks by multidisciplinary artist Helena Eflerová integrated with work by disabled artists. The artworks draw focus to the resemblances between both Eflerová’s and the disabled artists’ practices. The exhibition will give audiences an insight into both practices; blurring the distinctions between the work Eflerová produces in her independent practice and research surrounding experiences of conception, pregnancy, birth and early postnatal life with work created in workshops which she facilitates for adults with learning disabilities at The Lantern Community. Advocating inclusion and participation in quality contemporary art, this exhibition and accompanying conference, publication and live performance will invite debate challenging attitudes to arts and disability.

Helena Eflerova

Truth Immaterial: An introduction to Alchemy; the history, methodology and practice of ‘The Great Work', 2017

Robert Foster-Jones

A performance lecture presented at the opening of Solve et Coagula, Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol, UK. The work collated found imagery and vector diagrams to deliver an introduction to the history and practice of alchemy, as well as provided further insights into the objects and materials on show in the exhibition.

Corrosive Beauty, 2015

Chris Dunseath

An animated film influenced by the changes that occur when bronze age artefacts are buried in the ground. This four minute stop motion animation took two days to film. It was first screened at the exhibition 'New Dimensions: Contemporary Art Inspired by Hidden Objects' at The Museum of Somerset from 16th January to 16th April 2016.

Groyne 60 - Photographed from 2002 to 2017

Cliff Crawford

A single post top from Groyne 60 that I have photographed from 2002 to 2017.

The post tops, like portraits of a person repeated throughout their life, are not only beautiful but provide clues as to the condition of the system.

Bexhill beach, East Sussex

Cliff Crawford


Published 6 April 2023