New Art Highlights

22 - 28 July 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Adele Vye, Pippa Eason, Jenny Hammerton and Stephen Broadbent.

Night Shift: Cupboard Movements 1-8 ongoing, 2004-2005 by Adele Vye

Adele Vye 

The image shows an assemblage of still images taken from I of 8 documented actions recorded on VHS, in which the artist attempts to move 2 over sized cupboards around a university building at night over the course of a year, where the cupboards and their inhabitants became shrouded in myth having been used to house fabric 'beings' and to sleep in.

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Hideous Jelly Sweets, 2019 by Pippa Eason 

Pippa Eason 

New studies on hanging forms.

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Untitled, 2019 by Jenny Hammerton

Jenny Hammerton 

Mixed Media on Canvas.

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Kiss of the Screen Gods, 2019 by Stephen Broadbent

Stephen Broadbent

One of three artworks created for the Heritage Trail in Leavesden Country Park, Abbots Langley. 

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